Final publication PRiMa-Q

The PRiMa-Q project was successfully completed on 31 March 2019. The aim of PRiMa-Q was to develop a framework and implement a pre-competitive instrument for the quantitative control of project-related risks in SMEs. The focus was on SME projects in the mechanical engineering and IT sectors in Germany and Belgium. The innovative framework for quantifying project risk developed within the project enables SMEs to better manage projects with intrinsic complexity and interdependencies, even with IT implementations. For the first time it is also possible for SMEs to react preventively and flexibly to the most important project risks and to carry out prioritisation projects, e.g. through transparent use of online stochastic combinatorial optimisation, taking into account the risk effect on costs, time and quality deviations. This increases risk transparency throughout the entire organization and enables SMEs to deal efficiently with uncertainties in projects.

A (German) summary of the project results can be downloaded here. The complete final report (in English) can also be downloaded here.

The developed software tools are available here (Redmine-based risk-sensitive project planning tool) and here (cost-benefit-based tool for deriving risk management measures) as well as on request (simulation tool for risk quantification).