The Consortium

To achieve the project's goals, the collaboration of multiple qualified research institutions from different scientific disciplines is necessary. Hence a consortium of three research centres has been instituted, ensuring a high-quality processing of the entire process chain by the means of its vocational and methodological expertise. Involved are:

  • The Institute for Management Cybernecits e.V. - IfU at the RWTH Aachen
  • The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technologies - IPT
  • The Center of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies - CETIC

To facilitate a greatest possible practical proximity of PRiMa-Q and its results, the project will be accompanied by representatives from diverse industrial companies, thus securing an agile information exchange between both, research centres and industrial agents.

Institute for Management Cybernetics e.V.

The Institute for Management Cybernetics e.V. is an associated institute of the RWTH Aachen University. The IfU explores and develops solutions for economic and technological questions in interdisciplinary teams. 
The Economic and Social Cybernetics group at the IfU concentrates, among other things, on research in measuring and control methods for difficult-to-quantify factors. By analysing complex decision-making scenarios, holistic business models are developed. At the moment, the IfU employs ca. 20 full-time researchers and student employees. In the past, the IfU has already undertaken research in the field of comprehensive risk management systems – especially within the research project SimQRi.
The IfU, as a leading research center and AiF-member-association, is responsible for the overall coordination of the research project. For this purpose, workshops are organized and carried out. In this way, a progressive and value-driven solution development is supported and problems can be better anticipated and corrected.

Jan Bitter, M.Sc.   /   +49 241 / 80 – 911 71   /   /

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology

The Fraunhofer Association has been founded to promote applied research and successfully operates for more than 60 years.
The Fraunhofer IPT, founded in 1980, develops systems solutions for production. It focuses on the topics of process technology, production machines, mechatronics, production quality and metrology as well as technology management.
The clients and cooperation partners represent all fields of industry: from aerospace technology to the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as tool and die making companies and the precision mechanics, optics and machine tool industries in particular.
The institute currently employs around 380 people who are dedicated to applying their creativity to a range of projects.
Furthermore, the Fraunhofer IPT has a lot of experience in the field of technical risk assessments. Several successfully conducted or ongoing research projects like SysRisk, Q-Risk, SimQRi, and completed and ongoing industrial projects maintains the IPTs competence in the field of technical risk assessment.

Hendrik Mende, M.Sc.   /   +49 241 / 89 04 – 386   /   /

Center of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies

The Center of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies (CETIC) is the Belgian center for applied research serving the ICT enterprises founded in 2001 by the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), University of Namur (UNamur) and University of Mons (UMONS).
CETIC’s Mission is to support regional economic development by transferring to the Walloon companies and particularly SMEs, results from the most innovative applied research in ICT.
More specifically, CETIC helps companies to integrate these technological innovations into their products, processes or services. To reach this objective, its researchers continuously enhance their expertise through collaborative research projects involving regional actors and European advanced technology actors at the European level.
CETIC’s board is composed of industry representatives coming from the ICT sector and representatives from founding universities.
Independent actor and trusted third party, CETIC is positioned between the academic and university business.
CETIC is primary active in the field of IT but is largely involved in key Walloon application sectors such as mechanical engineering and logistics aeronautics. It is mainly involved with Software and System Engineering expertise, which is focused on requirement engineering, system engineering, IT risk management, model-driven development, optimisation (OscaR contributor) and software quality. 

Christophe Ponsard, M.Eng.   /   +32 472 / 56 90 99   /   /